TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment

Lasers are playing an increasingly significant role in periodontology, providing highly effective treatments for periodontal osseous surgery, gingivoplasty, gum pigmentation removal, and crown lengthening. A dual-wavelength dental laser is an ideal tool for performing a wide range of laser-assisted periodontal procedures in a minimally invasive, cost-efficient manner. With TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment, you can treat periodontal disease in a comprehensive, minimally invasive way using two of dentistry’s most effective laser wavelengths. As a result of the TwinLight® approach, wavelength-optimized treatments are available for periodontal therapy, providing optimal conditions for periodontal healing. Additionally, TwinLight® prevents infection and reduces pocket depth.

How It Works

By using a soft tissue laser in areas of periodontal disease, we are able to:

  1. Remove diseased tissues safely from the gum pocket linings without damaging healthy tissues.
  2. Infections caused by gum disease can be prevented by removing calcified bacterial deposits as well as soft biofilm.
  3. Enhance gum reattachment by stimulating fibrin and coagulation in the soft tissues. 4. The infected pocket is sealed, reducing the possibility of reinfection following treatment.

Compared to non-laser treatments, TwinLight® periodontal therapy achieves faster and more dramatic results.

What To Expect

As an alternative (or in conjunction with) periodontal surgery, TwinLight® is a minimally invasive treatment. The laser takes several seconds to decontaminate and stimulate tissue response on each tooth surface. The procedure is not painful, however, some people prefer to have their mouths numbed with a local anesthetic to ensure they are completely comfortable.

Soft tissue lasers use light wavelengths that trigger faster coagulation and disinfection. It is crucial to possess such qualities when managing a severe infection such as periodontitis. As gum pockets are often difficult to clean on your own, providing a sterile environment where gums are already beginning to reattach is the best way to position our patients for a healthy smile.

You can typically expect the following results after your laser gum treatment:

  • Better results from periodontal treatment
  • Healing times are shorter
  • Gum attachment levels improved (pockets reduced)
  • There is a reduced risk of bone and tooth loss

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