LipLase® treatment uses laser energy to stimulate collagen regeneration and plump the lips.

Through the process of collagen regeneration, LipLase® enhances the lips, giving them a fuller, more natural appearance. The results are similar to lip fillers, but this is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that involves no puncturing or cutting of the skin. It is suitable for all skin types without downtime and is a needleless option for clients who don’t like needles.

By boosting your body’s own collagen production and synthesis, this procedure gradually gives you naturally plump, pouty lips.

What is LipLase®?

The LipLase® procedure provides patients with immediate results. In contrast to injectable fillers, LipLase® is non-invasive and patients produce their own collagen in their lips. The attributes of “ideal lips,” such as volume, fullness, perfect balance between the upper and lower lips, and a well-defined vermilion border, can be achieved through numerous carefully customized passes.

Using a laser, in 6-7 pulses, the optical energy is transmitted in a single sub-second sequence to prevent any heat buildup in the surface tissue, improving the elasticity and texture of the lips. The treatment is also performed intra-orally on the mucosal lining of the lips (on the inside). It reaches the deepest underlying skin tissues that help produce collagen from the inside and is completely painless.

The lasers will then comfortably heat deeper layers of skin between 42°C and 45°C. It can be explained that the long-lasting tightening effect is caused by neocollagenesis, which is the process in which collagen fibers are formed as a result of heat shock proteins (HSP) expression. By maintaining the temperature for a few minutes, the skin also improves in thickness and elasticity. There may be a slight sensation of heat on the upper lips with minimal pain.


  • Lips that are hydrated and plumper.
  • Collagen production is stimulated.
  • Lightens smoker’s lips and natural lip color.
  • Smoothes wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Defining the cupid’s bow.
  • Lips are plumped up.
  • Results that are natural.
  • There are no needles, downtime, or bruising.
  • After the first session, you will see results.

What is the difference between LipLase® and Lip Fillers?

As an alternative to injectables, LipLase® is a non-invasive procedure that gives patients plumper, velvety lips. As the collagen in your lips is stimulated and revived, you will see results that are more natural and softer.

Fillers work by injecting a solution into your lips, which instantly plumps and fills the lips. Fillers, however, tend to break down over time and are metabolized by the body. Therefore, the results only last up to four to six months, and maintenance sessions are required. Patients rave about their fillers’ results, but find maintenance tedious and expensive.

LipLase®, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Rather than injecting a solution into the skin, the laser encourages and boosts the body’s natural collagen production. The results of a laser treatment session can be seen, but they are not as pronounced as those obtained from a lip filler session. Patients will notice that their lips have become softer, lighter, and plumper over the course of four to six months.

While some patients love fillers and the immediate results they provide, LipLase® is a safer, non-invasive, natural alternative for those who want fuller, smoother lips without needles.

When will I be able to see the results? What is the number of sessions required?

In most cases, patients can see results immediately after their first session. The treatment lasts 15 minutes per session. In order to achieve the best results, we recommend 6 sessions, with the first 3 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart, and the remaining 3 sessions at a month’s interval. The results can last for up to 12 months.

Post-Procedure Care & Recovery Time

As a result of the laser treatment, the lips will appear swollen immediately after the treatment. Within a couple of hours, this usually goes away. On the second or third day, there will be a slight superficial peeling. There is no downtime after the treatment, so patients can resume their daily activities immediately. Aftercare recommendations include using SPF 50 lip balm or skin moisturizer and not wearing lipstick for 24 hours. For three days, do not consume spicy foods or extremely hot liquids. Immediately following the procedure, avoid sports activities, swimming pools, and exposure to the sun. If you have always wanted fuller, more attractive lips but avoided treatment due to traditional lip filler procedures, LipLase® may be the best choice for you. Find out how this revolutionary procedure can benefit you by scheduling a consultation with Bedrock Laser Periodontics and Implants today.

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